Culture and Development Research Centre

Open social research for human development

About Us

The Culture and Development Research Centre is a non-governmental research institute based in Mongolia. Our aim is to support and provide open, ethnographically grounded evidence and analysis in support of resilience-focused development.

Applied research

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Local knowledge (including TEK and Indigenous knowledge)

  • The relationship between culture and well-being

  • Development and social change

Ethical collaboration

As professional social scientists, we are bound to high standards of ethical responsibility set out by the professional bodies to which we belong.

Our institutional ethics statement outlines our commitment to open and collaborative ethnographic research that takes the interests of participants as our first priority.

Digital Ethnography

We are working to make ethnographic records available for permanent access from the Mongolian Digital Ethnography Archive.


The open source “egaia” toolkit, intended for professional socio-cultural anthropologists, provides a free software workflow for creating and managing ethnographic records, in the field and online.

Open Ethnography License

The Open Ethnography License is designed to accommodate and encourage the sharing of digital ethnographic works in research and educational contexts.

Connect with us

Eric D Thrift (PhD)

Eric is a cultural anthropologist, specializing in pastoralism, environment, and development. He has worked as a development practitioner and university lecturer in Mongolia and in Canada for more than a decade.

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Naran Khangaisaikhan

Naran is a linguist from the School of Mongolian Language and Culture, National University of Mongolia. She has studied the cultural dimensions of language use, including language and gender.